AAC Products

Our Concrete Panels are available in the following forms:

Standard Sizes of AAC External Panels


Product NameHeight/Length (mm)Width/Height (mm)Thickness (mm)
AAC External Panel≤ 3600600100
AAC External Panel≤ 4200600120
AAC External Panel≤ 5200600150
AAC External Panel≤ 6000600175
AAC External Panel≤ 6000600200

Standard Sizes of AAC Internal Panels


Product NameHeight/Length (mm)Width/Height (mm)Thickness (mm)
AAC Internal Panel≤ 300060075
AAC Internal Panel≤ 4000600100
AAC Internal Panel≤ 5000600120
AAC Internal Panel≤ 6000600150
AAC Internal Panel≤ 6000600175
AAC Internal Panel≤ 6000600200

Standard Sizes of AAC Floor Panels


Product NameHeight/Length (mm)Width/Height (mm)Thickness (mm)
AAC Floor Slab≤ 180060075
AAC Floor Slab≤ 2100600100
AAC Floor Slab≤ 2400600120
AAC Floor Slab≤ 3400600150
AAC Floor Slab≤ 4500600200
AAC Floor Slab≤ 5700600250
AAC Floor Slab≤ 6000600300

Standard Sizes of AAC Roof Panels


Product NameHeight/Length (mm)Width/Height (mm)Thickness (mm)
AAC Roof Slab≤ 2700600100
AAC Roof Slab≤ 3500600120
AAC Roof Slab≤ 4000600150
AAC Roof Slab≤ 6000600200
AAC Roof Slab≤ 6000600250
AAC Roof Slab≤ 6000600300


Dulux Acratex Different Finishes/Renders for AAC Panels

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